Animal Body Work

In addition to my wool products I also provide bodywork for animals. This work is done at a deep energetic level as well as a physical approach.

The work is not designed to be done in long sessions, as I can accomplish a great deal with the animal in a short period of time. Typically I start with a series of 3 to 5 sessions, a week apart. Each sequential session builds on the previous one. The time in-between sessions allows the animal to integrate what has taken place.

As I work I listen to the animal and let them tell me how fast and deep and for how long I can proceed. Because we work together on a deep level there is also an issue of trust. I must assure them that I will listen and respect what they can absorb per session. I am very focused on each session individually as well as the desired end result.

I have found through experience that some animals are finished after the series, while some may take longer to resolve their issues, or regular maintenance sessions may be needed periodically.

Animal Body Work Testimonials

Jan has been working on my two horses for almost two years. In the past, my senior mare has had appointments with two chiropractors and two massage practitioners – none of whom she liked or accepted (yet she is well behaved for all vets). At best she tolerated their work, but more commonly she tried to escape it by getting away from them. This behavior continued even when she was clearly helped by the work they were doing. Needless to say, when I signed up with Jan to do a series of five treatments, I was a bit nervous because of the mare’s past history with chiro and massage, and I thought her response to bodywork might be the same. To my surprise, she loves Jan and even lets her work in sensitive areas with no complaint.

My other horse – a young opinionated mare – is extremely left side dominant, to the extent that she developed a manmade club foot. The foot had been corrected, but she retains to imbalances in her body. Since Jan has started working on her she has become much less crooked. I can feel that she is straighter when I ride her and I can see it with the improved length of stride in her front legs. I recommend Jan without hesitation to anyone with a horse who needs body work. My horses clearly enjoy their appointments with Jan and I can see the benefits for days and weeks afterward.
— Toby S, Seabeck WA

My dear dog Pepper (shown above) is a 14 year old small terrier with an orthopedic problem that had been causing her a good deal of intense pain. Her shoulder can dislocate on occasion, and is riddled with arthritis. Surgery to pin the shoulder was quoted at $3800. She is a poor candidate for an operation due to her age, recovery issues and an advancing heart murmur. I was seriously considering euthanasia for Pepper when I discussed it with Jan. Pepper had weekly treatments which we can now stretch out to twice a month. Her shoulder has stabilized and she is no longer in pain! She loves going to the treatments. Jan has literally saved a life and I am so very grateful.
~~ Bonnie S, Quilcene WA

Jan worked with my Paint gelding Chance in the Fall of 2009. He had developed a problem with his hind quarters and would often stumble on his hind. Jan worked with Chance on several visits and he difinitely improved. His head would lower, his eyes would soften and he definitely relaxed. Jan’s work definitely helped Chance.
— Judith Hoyle

The body work that Jan provides for our horses is a necessary part of the overall program to keep our show jumpers happy and healthy. Just lie human athletes they need those kinks worked out that occur from work or play and inhibit comfortable use of their bodies as a whole. Jan’s deep tissue work is the only thing I have found that treats problems at the base of concern. My 15 year old jumper would never be the same without Jan!
— Mollie Bogardis, Haven Farm, Owner, Bainbridge Island, WA

Jan has worked with several of my top students’ horses. Especially in one of our older horses, Patrick, she made a considerable difference in the ease and fluency of his movement. I noticed a degree of comfort in all the horses she has worked on. The horses love her, and as a bonus she is a born teacher helping my students learning to help their own horses. I recommend Jan without hesitation.
– Deb Hurd, Hunter and Dressage Instructor, Kingston, WA

If only horses could talk! They would tell their owners exactly what parts of their bodies ached. Luckily there are practitioners like Jan Gillanders. Her body work has been an eye opener to me as an interested horse owner. Any bad riding habits are registered upon my horse’s body. She alleviates his stiffness, unwinds his tension patterns and helps me understand the correlation between horse and rider. I enjoy activities from jumping to galloping trails. When my horse was injured last year, Jan’s techniques helped the long term healing process immensely. Jan has a great touch and my horse appreciates her not just listening to him but doing something about it!
— Jessica McGreal, Hunter/Jumper rider, Kingston, WA

Two years ago I purchased a 5 year old Thoroughbred gelding, named Pete. Since then he has been plagued with physical problems including a lameness issue that has been difficult to diagnose, let alone treat. As a result of the lameness in his left hind quarters, the muscles in his back and hip and thigh were tight as ticks and he severely dragged his left hind foot. I’ve known Jan for several years and have always been impressed by her sensitivity to animals and her gift for receiving their thoughts and understanding their well-being. So when she offered to do some body work sessions on Pete, I was only too happy to accept. Over the past three months of body work, Pete’s condition is slowly and steadily improving. Jan is very calm, very patient and seems to know intuitively where he needs help and how to make him better. It has been wonderful to watch Pete respond to her. She has gained his trust to the point that he completely lets go with his muscles allowing her to work very deeply in the tissues. I actually watched Pete go to sleep under her hands. As the sessions progressed the muscles in his hindquarters have softened considerably and it is clear that his general well-being has improved. He is now much happier and moves with greater ease and comfort. Thank you Jan.
– Marcia Adams, Dressage rider, Kingston, WA