Greetings from Jacobs’ Fleece! Jan Gillander’s flock is primarily made up of Jacob Sheep, a unique ancient breed known for its black, brown, and white spots and for its multiple horns. Jan sells raw fleece, roving, and yarn that she has hand-spun from her own wool. It comes in a variety of natural colors (just like her sheep).

Jan Gillanders - Owner, Jacob's Fleece

Jan Gillanders – Owner, Jacobs’ Fleece

Thankful for my knitting.

• It fills my life with color.
• It encourages my creativity.
• It keeps my hands busy.
• It introduces me to new people who share my love for the craft.
• It loves to travel.
• It likes the same TV shows that I like.
• It keeps the same schedule as I do; if I want to knit in the middle of the night, it’s there for me.
• It likes to change bags as much as I do!
• It challenges me.
• It keeps me company, even when I’m cranky.

“ In the rhythm of the needles, there is music for the soul”


As my flock of Jacobs’ Sheep has grown,
so has my passion for spinning, knitting & felting.
May you find as much joy in owning any of my products
as I had in their creation. — Jan

Farm Scenes

Can confirm that everything from Jan is amazing! Stopping by her farm was the absolute highlight
of a vacation a few years back! Lovely, lovely fiber!
~ From Hannah A.